The Ruby Tuesdays ‘That Doesn’t Go There’

Above photo taken by Tim Paton.

In 1989 myself, Danny Hagan and our friends John Andrews and Sally Agarwal decided to start a record label. We felt between the four of us we had the skills needed to make it work. I was employed as band booker for the Rock Garden in Covent Garden (and still doing The Buzz Club) so I would do the A&R and organise gigs, Danny was working at cd, vinyl and tape manufacturer Mayking Records in Battersea, he would do production, John was working at Concert & Tour Advertising/Music Business Advertising as a Media Buyer he would take care of the PR and finally Sally was working at The Leisure Process she would design the sleeves. The experience was obviously a good one, as I ended up working at Ultimate Records, Danny at Cherry Red and John at Creation soon afterwards.

Here’s a photo of John Andrews, Clare P., me, Matt, Danny Hagan and Sally Agarwal at a party at our friend Henry Weinreich‘s flat in Ladbroke Grove in 1990.


Our first signing (and it actually it turned out, our only signing) was The Ruby Tuesdays from Stoke on Trent, thanks very much to Tim Paton for taking these photo. We sent him up to Stoke for the day for a photo shoot with the band, and these are from that day.


We released the wonderful  ‘That Doesn’t Go There’ e.p. on 12″ in the summer of 1989. It was the time of indie going baggy and people like us going clubbing.

We picked up some nice press – the Guardian’s Hit List and Mike Noon’s Melody Maker live review, above.

I got the vinyl 12″ converted and mastered and released the e.p. on ITTLG

Using footage of Shelley’s nightclub in Stoke from 1992, (the club night was called Amnesia), I put ‘That Doesn’t Go There’ underneath and it works well with the title track…a little bit of an edit at the beginning and then it plays in real-time.

Here is ‘That Doesn’t Go There‘ by The Ruby Tuesdays.


  1. Hi Jo . I’m alive and well and living in the Cayman Islands but can always use another royalty cheque. You’ve made a happy man very old .., big love. Philip ( lead guitarist and chief weasel) xx


    1. Hey Phil! How excellent to hear from you! I hope the re release brought back some great memories? There’s another band called The Ruby Tuesdays, so I’m just sorting a few things out (our e.p. ended up in their Spotify section) once everything is done, I’ll push a bit with That Doesn’t Go There again – see if we can improve your Cayman Islands life style a bit eh?! Sending love! Xx


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