The Buzz Club Rave: The Ruby Tuesdays March 1990

(Read more about 1990 here)

Sally Agarwal designed the fliers, I got them printed at a place on the Holloway Road. 

We hired in a special light called a Spiral Flower and lots of dry ice. Jem Barnes at the West End Centre had sorted out a 2am licence. Rob and Steve (who had played at my party in December ’89) d.j.ed.

We were a little worried as it was slightly off what we usually did and it was a Friday rather than a Saturday. About 120 people turned up though. Rob and Steve started the night, The Ruby Tuesdays played at 11pm and then the djs finished off. The light looked amazing, perfect. When we turned it off we noticed a sticker saying ‘only use in bursts of 15 minutes, leaving to cool in between’. Ooops. That could have ruined the night!

We also had a local band night on February 1st February –

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