The Buzz Club: Finitribe April 1990

(Read more from 1990 here)

28th April Finitribe at the Buzz Club. Support came from What? Noise.

Finitribe were from Edinburgh and formed in the mid ‘80s. By the time they played The Buzz Club in 1990 they had transformed from being an experimental guitar band into being a sample lead rave / dance act. We had seen them play at a club night in St. James’s in London through Danny’s One Little Indian connections.

After signing the deal with One Little Indian, and encouraged by label boss Derek Birkett, the band ran into controversy almost immediately with the ‘Animal Farm’ ep. They had reimagined ‘Old MacDonald had a farm…’ and the subsequent threat of legal action was not exactly helped by a ‘F**k off McDonald’s’ poster and T-shirt campaign. 

Lots of dry ice, groovy beats and not a burger in sight when they played Aldershot. 

They later had ‘101’ remixed by Andrew Weatherall and Graham Massey from 808 State.

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