Previously Unseen Photos: 5:30 / Flowered Up / The High / Paris Angels and more 1990

These photos also appear in the longer version of 1990 here

Guy Van Steene and I have known each other since primary school – St. Tarcisius in Camberley. He is a great photographer, and came to quite a few gigs with me around this time. These few months are in fact a tour de force of Guy’s wonderful photos.

29th July 5:30 U.LU. Main Hall.

Having seen 5:30 in the bar at University of London student union in March 1990, it was great to see they had become big enough to play the main hall a few months later. They were once again terrific.

31st July Flowered Up The Zap Club, Brighton.

I wasn’t with Guy for this show, (I saw Flowered Up at Shoreditch Town Hall, London, in August on the same tour). I am thrilled to have the opportunity to publish these never before seen photos. Guy has told me he was pretty skint for this particular time, so would often only take a couple of shots per night to save on developing costs!

Once again, these photos have not previously been seen. Guy sent me a few rolls of film as sheets of black and white negatives in 2020. I got them digitalised and revealed an incredible array of photos from this period.

The Paris Angels, 7th August The Zap Brighton.

16th August The High, Manchester band at The Borderline in London. (The High featured the original Stone Roses guitarists Andy Couzens.) I was also there on this night with Guy.

The next night, The Ruby Tuesdays, again captured by Guy, played The Sausage Machine at The White Horse in Hampstead, with The Honey Smugglers on 1st September. (Run by Paul Cox from Too Pure. Paul’s brother Steve was the keyboard player in The Honey Smugglers)

Chris, the singer with The Honey Smugglers.

See more of Guy’s brilliant photos here

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