The Buzz Club: Blur October 1990

It’s funny, even though Blur are now regarded as Kings of the Britpop scene, when we booked them to play The Buzz Club on 20th October, 1990, they were considered to be a new ‘baggy’ band.

She Is So High‘ was released on Food Records, and I really liked it.

Here’s The Buzz Club on the tour / single adverts.

We had a great crowd in, not quite sold out, but a very exciting atmosphere. When Blur took to the stage, everyone surged down to the front and it all got quite chaotic. Damon started to climb on top of the PA speakers and Pat, who worked at the West End Centre was yelling ‘if he doesn’t get down, I’m, pulling the plug’. I’m glad things calmed down and the gig continued! Pat and I enjoy laughing at this now. Here they are live at the Buzz Club – when you drove into Aldershot, the first thing you saw was a sign declaring ‘Aldershot – The Home Of The British Army‘. It’s amusing to hear Damon reference that on the first song, ‘Won’t Do It’…..followed by ‘She Is So High’ and what would be their second single, and a hit, ‘There’s No Other Way‘, recorded by our man Dave again. I do have the whole gig, maybe one day I’ll upload it all….

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