The Buzz Club: Five-Thirty November 1990

17th November The Buzz Club Five Thirty

Five Thirty were a three piece playing a kind of psychedelic style sounding and looking a bit like The Jam on acid. I had seen them a few times over the year – twice at U.L.U. and once The Falcon and loved them. Anyone who lived in the London area and listened to Gary Crowley’s show on G.L.R. will have been very familiar with them. 

Here’s ‘Air Conditioned Nightmare’ live from the Buzz Club:

To show just how tightly we ran things at The Buzz Club, we booked Five Thirty to celebrate our fifth birthday. Ha! Nice. (It actually was five years to the day, since our first ever Buzz Club)We also got some tee shirts made in honour of that fact. We printed the cream of our bookings over those five years. We only realised when sales of these tee shirts weren’t very impressive that if people didn’t like one or two of the bands on the shirts, well, they didn’t want to wear or therefore buy one. Blast. Gave a fare few away in the end. 

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