The Buzz Club: The Ruthless Rap Assassins / Krispy 3 March 1991

On 22 Friday March The Ruthless Rap Assassins and the Krispy 3, two hip hop acts from the Manchester area, played the Buzz Club. (Kermit from the Ruthless Rap Assassins would later form Black Grape with Shaun Ryder.) A bit of a step outside our normal band booking, we were experimenting a bit. The night did ok, nearly a couple of hundred in and was a great night. It was also a Friday, one of the few we did that wasn’t on a Saturday. Lots of our crowd had Saturday jobs, so Friday didn’t do as well.

It’s incredible listening back now to hear how edgy it was.

Support came from Krispy 3 ‘…this is the sound of the suburbs!’ 

We had another Buzz Club the next night – another local band night.


Read more about 1991 here…

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