The Buzz Club: Moose April 1991

Moose were on Hut Records and they were the sort of band you’d see at gigs and parties all the time. We booked them for The Buzz Club. We had about 100 in. Managed to make ends meet by wheeling and dealing a bit with Jem, who ran the West End Centre. ‘I’ll forget about the printing costs if you forget about the PA fee’ kind of thing. Always a pleasure.


Here’s a great live version of ‘Susanne’ by Moose recorded at the Marquee, later that year, in September 1991 with Gary Crowley presenting.

Captured on that Buzz Club night in April by Dave Driscoll on his Sony Walkman.

Russell, the lead singer of Moose, came back into our lives years later when we approached him via his plugging company, Cool Badge, to do the radio for It’s Jo & Danny. We told him about the festival we were about to start, Green Man and he recommended we use Ken at Hermana to do the press.

Support to Moose came from The Prudes who were managed by my boss at Ultimate RecordsAndrew Winters. Andy had travelled down to Aldershot for the gig.

Read more about 1991 here…

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