The Buzz Club: Spiritualized May 1991

On May 31st Spititualized played The Buzz Club. Including live recordings from the gig.

From the ashes of Spaceman 3 came Jason Pierce‘s (AKA J. Spaceman) new project; Spiritualized. The Buzz Club was a very early gig for them, even before the release of their debut album ‘Lazer Guided Melodies‘ the following Spring.

They had released two singles by the time they played this gig though, their first was a cover of The Troggs ‘Any Way That You Want Me’ and the second was, ‘Run’ / ‘I Want You’ both on Dedicated Records.

I’m not sure if Kate Radley had replaced Steve Evans on keyboards yet for this performance. Kate was Jason’s long time girl friend and muse who later went on to marry Richard Ashcroft.

As usual, Dave Driscoll was in and recorded the gig.

It seems we had two people recording at this particular Buzz Club, the second was Rob Horricks, here are ‘Hypnotized‘ and ‘Feelin’ Just Fine’.

We had about 125 in and lost a bit of money. I didn’t know but at early Spiritualized gigs everyone sat down. I was mortified and like a hostess at a party, embarrassed the band would wonder what was going on, I was asking them all to stand up until someone explained that this was normal to me!

Stephen Dalton from N.M.E. came down and interviewed the band . (Stephen would later review the first Green Man Festival for The Times in 2003 – he gave it a 4 **** review which helped us to carry on. Spiritualized are also the only band we booked both for The Buzz Club and the Green Man, where they headlined the Friday night in 2008. The band’s manager, Mick Patterson also managed A Certain Ratio when we booked them for the Buzz Club in 1986.)


Support came from Spitfire. From Crawley, they released a few e.p.s on Eve Recordings, the label run by Roger from The Flacon. ‘Wild Sunshine’ came out in 1992.

Read more about 1991 here.

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