The Buzz Club: Levitation June 1991

Seven days after the Spiritualized gig, we had another Buzz Club, it seemed the correct moment to book Levitation. I was working doing press, radio and tv at Ultimate Records, working in Camden. In March, my boss, Andy Winters had called a meeting to let us know that he was in talks with Terry Bickers, the ex House of Love guitarist about releasing his new band, Levitation‘s records. Terry’s split from The House of Love was huge news and this was a very important moment for us.

Things moved quickly at Ultimate, the recordings were already done, so the debut Levitation release, the ‘Coppelia e.p.’ was scheduled for April.

The ‘Coppella e.p.’ featuring ‘Nadine‘, was released in April 1991 and the music press were all over it. I was organising live reviews along with interviews and single reviews and video plays. Melody Maker were already talking about a front cover.


By June, the band were able to head out on a small headline tour, including The Buzz Club.

The gig recorded by Dave Driscoll. I think there were about 80 – 100 in broke even.

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