The Buzz Club: The Frank & Walters / Top – September 1991

We used to go to gigs at U.L.U. on Malet Street off the Tottenham Court Road loads. I saw a band from Liverpool called Top play there one night and I thought they were going to be massive. We had booked The Frank and Walters who were from Cork and signed to the brilliant Setanta label to headline The Buzz Club in September and I invited Top to support.

Friday 13th September – The Frank & Walters and Top plus my band, Signified played The Buzz Club

Mark Sutherland was a Buzz Club regular and usually enjoyed the music I made. I had a new and very short lived band called Signified who were first on that night. Mark wrote this review for ‘Due South‘ magazine – Mark soon rose through the music journalist ranks, editing ‘Melody Maker‘ and later, ‘Music Week‘.

‘….woman who has had more to do with shaping my musical taste then anyone, except John Peel’ Thanks Mark!

Read more about 1991….

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