The Buzz Club: The Dylans 1991 inc previously unheard live recordings.

1,000 Violins from Sheffield were label mates of my bands Go! Service and Bluetrain when we were on Dan Treacy’s Dreamworld Records in 1986 / 7. Colin Gregory from that band now had this band – The Dylans.

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The Dylans were signed to Beggar’s Banquet and released the single ‘Godlike’ in October 1991.

It was a fantastic night, we had about 100 in and broke even. It was great to see Colin again.

In 2020 I was sent a live recording from this gig which I am delighted to share with you now…from 19th October 1991The Dylans live at The Buzz Club. If you are a real indie expert you will recognise the tune playing through the pa (a compilation tape made by me) before the band come on stage. Answers on a postcard…..

Read more about 1991 here


  1. hello -glad you like it. i recorded this and weird to see my handwriting in the picture. Tape had been in the loft for nearly 30 years.


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