The Buzz Club: Suede 12th September 1992

The revised date for Suede at the Buzz Club came round – September 12th. (They had cancelled their original date in June as bassist, Mat Osman was ill).

The gig had sold out back in June. The venue was absolutely heaving, Suede were a very big concern by now and I would not have been able to book them had this not been the rescheduled gig.

‘Metal Micky’ was released on 14th September.

I invited Submarine (who had just signed to Ultimate where I was the press officer) to support and they played a great set, singer / guitarist, Neil Haydock, remembers Mat Osman as being ‘very sweet’ and Bernard Butler as being ‘moody as fuck’!

The hall was packed, hot and sweaty when Suede were on stage and there was a moment of dreadful fear when the PA momentarily cut out. Pat Doherty, one of the West End Centre stage crew and a couple of others, had to heroically stand near the speakers pointing electric fans blowing at the amps to ensure they didn’t over heat and cut out again. Thank you guys!

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