Christine X ‘Bluetrain’ release date

So, part two of my alphabet series under the name, Christine X, has a release date. ‘Bluetrain’ will be released on December 27th. If you missed ‘A’, it is for ‘Aldershot’…. I released a solo instrumental album, ‘Eurocentric‘ under the guise Christine X fifteen years ago . The album got a couple of 4 star reviews […]

The Stone Roses Pt. 1: 1987 – 1989

So I guess it started with The Raw Herbs. They were a London based band, with a Scottish singer who released records on the very excellent Medium Cool label, based in Manchester and run by Andy Wake. My band Bluetrain had supported them in London and they had played The Buzz Club. Here’s the wonderful,  […]

The Buzz Club: The Brilliant Corners 10th January 1987

Working in Our Price gave me a chance to listen to records by bands I had read about but never heard. ‘Growing Up Absurd’ by The Brilliant Corners was one such record. A classic piece of ’80s indie guitar music. The band were from Bristol, I got their address and I wrote to Davey the […]