The Pale Fountains Recently Found Live Recordings From The Buzz Club!

Buzz Club regular, Philip ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson recently got back in touch with me. He told me he had several Buzz Club gigs recorded plus photos from a few more. It would take him a while to locate everything, but he would start his search at his parents’ house when next there. No joy. So to the shed in his garden. A few days to clear out and look and….hey presto! Cassettes with live recordings (plus sound checks) along with photos from other Buzz Clubs.

Huge thanks to Philip as I know how long it takes to convert from cassette to digital, plus to scan and enhance all the photos. There are so many wonderful artefacts unearthed here that I am going to publish them bit by bit and enjoy myself!

To start things off, these awesome recordings of The Pale Fountains. I’m pretty sure it was their last gig – if not definitely one of their last. I had managed to get Michael Head‘s phone number and would call him up every couple of weeks until he agreed to play! He said that he was thinking of changing the band’s name and according to Wiki, Shack, the next name his band had, were formed in 1986. This gig was September of that year.

I’ve uploaded all of the gig plus sound check and also edited out a couple of individual songs.

Here’s the sound check –

Up Against It / Emergency Only / Be Thankful / 50,000,000 Reasons

Here’s the full gig –

Realisation / Bicycle Thieves / Emergency Only / Liberation / John Kline / Be Thankful / 50,000,000 Reasons / Up Against It

Here’s ‘Emergency‘ from the sound check:

and here’s ‘Bicycle Thieves‘ from the gig – this includes Michael Head messing up and the band starting the song again!



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