Tune! – Francesco Zappala & DJ Professor – We Gotta Do It

Brian Law, commented underneath my Andrew Weatherill post and it gave me the idea to start this section – Tune!:

‘I didn’t know your name but I recognised the photos. I was always with J Marr, Big Bri and Justin. Flying, Ophelia, Full Circle, El Metro. Wonderful nights. We lived out West in Denham Village- back to mine, playing home boy hippe B side that AW used to play, more AW mixes we practice on our 12/10’s. Down to full circle for
More madness. Great read, thanks so much.
We went to Venus in Nottingham and AW played this for The first time- it was all piano and Italian house then he drops this:’


‘In the comments I mentioned a lad called Justin. We were inseparable! At the time we followed Weatherall everywhere. He remembers every time he played, what he played etc. I was a Pro footballer at the time at QPR – apparently after AW’s last record at shave your tounge, he walked over and said ‘ how’s the football going Brian!😱😱🤣🤣. I’ll copy him in and get him to contact you! He’s a living library!’


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