The Buzz Club: McCarthy May 1989

This is an extract from 1989

Back down to Aldershot on 20th May for another Buzz ClubMcCarthy‘s second visit. They had also  played the previous year when their debut album, ‘I Am A Wallet‘ was released. Dave Driscoll, A.K.A. Fruitier Than Thou was in the audience and recorded the gig on his Sony Walkman.

When the follow up ‘The Enraged Shall Inherit The Earth’ came out in 1989, I booked them a second time – one of only four bands to headline the Buzz Club twice. (Primal Scream, That Petrol Emotion, Bradford being the others). A great night, with local bands The Ha Ha Men and Railroad Earth in support. Similar in numbers to the first time they played, about 150.

McCarthy featuring Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier who went on to form Stereolab.

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