Two New Releases on ITTLG

Today I have two new video releases for you via my ITTLG label – the first is a joint release with the wonderful Musical Bear Records and it is Kodiak Island‘s take on Kate Bush’s classic debut single,  ‘Wuthering Heights‘. The original vocal and acoustic guitar track was recorded by me (playing and singing at the same time) at Bark Studio in East London. The brilliant Brian O’Shaughnessy was at the controls. We then added some Kodiak bits and pieces in our home set ups.

Musical Bear released the ‘Lime e.p.’ by Kodiak Island in June, this is the 4th track. Thanks very much to Jason from Musical Bear for the video.

Secondly, ‘My Town’ by New Tennessee Waltz. Originally recorded in 1987, I released the ‘Come or High Water’ e.p. by this Hampshire band about 6 weeks ago. This is from the e.p…..enjoy!

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